About Us

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Our Herstory

Established in 2012, Azeeza for Women has been creating spaces for women to connect, learn and be inspired to make changes in their own lives and the lives of other women. Over the years we have offered wellness programs such as walks, hikes and fitness classes. As well as access to support groups, writing and reflective journaling sessions and friendship circles. In 2018, the “Azeeza Show”, on channel Eawaz.com, was launched both locally and abroad. Host Farheen Khan speaks with prominent and emerging Muslim women leaders and allies about social issues and the impact on women locally and abroad.  



About "Azeeza"

The word Azeeza or Aziza means to be honoured, cherished, beloved, precious in several languages.


Our Vision

To create a world where women are respected, honoured and cherished as equal and contributing members of society.


Our Mission

To engage, educate and empower women to be all of who they can be; physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.



  • Agency: to be instrumental in our lives and the lives of others

  • Dignity: to ensure each person is regarded as worthy, honoured and esteemed

  • Diversity: to respect and celebrate human difference

  • Resilience: to recover from and adjust to change and challenge

  • Innovation: to create change that makes things better



Azeeza for Women will challenge social and political structures and systems that contribute to the experience of violence, oppression and exploitation of women.